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Events/Programs Support


Event Services Provided:

• Cash boxes
• Deposit bags
• Change funds (from your account)
• Advance sale tickets
• Ticket rolls
• Hand stamps
• Wrist bands
• Inventory sheets
• Tally sheets


Event Planning

The Student Activities Business Office (SABO) offers financial event support to organizations with a SABO bank account. SABO provides event equipment, supplies and guidance. In order to take advantage of our services, an organization must have an active  unrestricted bank account with SABO that is not restricted.

The following is a list of items available for organizations to use:

  • Receipts
  • Rolls of tickets
  • Change funds (from your account)
  • Cash boxes
  • Deposits bags
  • Hand stamps
  • Wrist bands
  • After-Hour deposit bags
  • Door prize ticket rolls
  • Inventory sheets—online on the Forms Page
  • Tally sheets—online on the Forms Page

The CFO of an organization must meet with a SABO staff member in the Business Office at least seven days prior to each of their events to discuss their plans and to reserve the necessary equipment and/or supplies they will need for their event. Please contact our office to set up an appointment: call us at 860-486-3163; email us at; or come to the office directly (SU 314).


Advance Sale Tickets

Advance sale tickets are available to student organizations with an active SABO bank account.

Advance sale tickets are ideal for exclusive events or for events where it would be beneficial for the organization to have a head count prior to the event. SABO provides tickets that are specially customized for each event. Student organizations can choose to design the tickets themselves or they can work with a SABO staff member for input and guidance. Advance Sale Ticket forms are available at SABO. Please ask a staff member for the form and we will be happy to assist you.

  • The Advance Sale Tickets form must be turned in at least one week prior to tickets going on sale.
  • Advance sale tickets are not meant to be sold at the door. If your organization chooses to sell additional tickets at the door, the Business Office will provide you with a roll of tickets.
  • Periodic deposits should be made to your SABO bank account during the time advance sale tickets are being sold.
  • All unsold tickets are to be returned to the Business Office at the end of the event. This will serve as verification for all deposits made during the sale.

If you have any questions regarding Advance Sale Tickets, please contact our office: call us at 860-486-3163; email us at; or come to the office directly (SU 314).

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